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2010 Abbeville Scholars Conference Charleston SC

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#1) "Secession: the Founding Principle of American Republicanism”  Prof. Donald Livingston
"An Indissoluble Union: The Ultimate Nonsequitur"  Kent Masterson Brown
"To the Size of States there is a Limit: The Human Scale of Secession" Kirkpatrick Sale
"Get the State Out: Moving Beyond State-Centered Discussions of Federalism"  Kyle Scott
#5) "
Money Mischief and the March of Centralization"  Lawrence M. Reed
"States' Rights versus National Wrongs: The Tenth Amendment Awakening, the Supreme
Court be Damned" 
Marshall DeRosa
"Foundations of Civil Society: Decorum, Scale, and Conversation"  Peter Jones
"The Founding Fathers of Constitutional Subversion"  Thomas DiLorenzo
"The Vermont Village Green: An Alternative to Empire"  Thomas Naylor (Passed away in 2012)
"To Big to Fail? Lessons from the Demise of the Soviet Union"  Yuri Maltsev

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2011 Abbeville Scholars Conference Wilmington, NC

#1) "Introduction by Dr. Livingston
"American Colonial Resistance to British Imperial Wars"  
Carey Roberts
""John Randolph versus the War Hawks"   John Devanny
"Nathaniel Macon’s Resistance to the War of 1812"  Troy Kickler 
"John C. Calhoun: Anti-Imperialist"  Clyde Wilson
#5) "
Virginia’s Reluctant Secessionists, Dutiful Sons, Fierce Warriors"  Jonathan White
"Perpetual War for Perpetual Union: Kendall and Bradford on Lincoln’s Imperial Rhetoric" 
Daniel McCarthy
"Southern Critics of American Wars and American Empire: 1865-1912"  Joseph Stromberg
"Gnostics of War: Richard Weaver’s Traditionalist Conservative Critique of Modern Warfare" Jay Langdale
"The South and America’s Wars for Righteousness"   Richard Gamble

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              2012 Abbeville Scholars Conference Stone Mt., GA
The War Between The States: Other Voices, Other Views    

#1) "The War to Prevent Southern Independence: My Myth or Yours  Clyd Wilson Read by Dr. Livingston
"The Civil War: Kentucky’s Mercurial Political Course "   Kent Masterson Brown
"The Midwestern ‘Copperheads” Jonathan White    
"Behind Enemy Lines with President Pierce: Principles Over Politics "  Marshall Derosa
#5) "
Get Down you Damm Fool?’: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. on Lincoln, the Union, and the War"
Allen Mendenhall 
"The Avenger Without Mercy: Delaware Under the Federal Heel"  Brion McClanahan
"Opposition to Lincoln’s Policies : Westchester County, New York & the Greater Hudson Valley"
Robert Valentine
"Northern Clergymen, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the Abolition of the South " Joseph Stromberg
"Between God and Caesar: Northern Clergy and the Problem of a Politicized Pulpit"   Richard Gamble
#10) “
U.S. Prisoner of War Policy in the First Modern War ”  Mauriel Joslyn 

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2013 Abbeville Scholars Conference Charlottesville, VA

#1) "Music, Nature and Society: The Agrarian Principle and Musical Form”    Thomas Sheeley
#2) “The Place of Rural Britain in the Making of Southern Music,”
Alan Harrelson
#3) “Singing Billy Walker and the ‘Sacred Harp’ Tradition,”
James Kibler
#4) “Singing Billy Walker’s ‘Amazing Grace’ and Its Legacy,”
James Kibler
#5) “The Southern Musical Paradigm and the Legacy of Banjo and Fiddle,”
Thomas Minsel
#6) “Southern Music as Southern Tradition,”
Alan Harrelson
#7) “The Southern Musical Tradition, Inherited and Preserved Through the Generations,”
Kirk Sutphin
#8) “Southern Music on Record: ‘Country & Western’ in the 20th Century”
Joseph Stromberg
#9) “Federalism and the Flowering of Art and Music in the South,”
Carey Roberts

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 2015 Abbeville Scholars Conference, Stone Mountain, GA
“Confederate Heritage and the Fracturing of American Identity”

1)   “The Southern Genocide”    Dr. Thomas Fleming
2)   “
The Real Reason the South Seceded” Prof. Donald Livingston
3)    “
The Confederate Rule of Law: An American Patrimony Worth Fighting for Then and Now”
Prof. Marshall DeRosa
“The Old South and the New South” Prof. Brion McClanahan
“A Heritage Story: ‘The Army of the Dead”  Barbara Marthal

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