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           The Abbeville Institute is an
association of scholars in higher
education devoted to a critical study of what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition.

Dixie-EDU attends and records their summer school’s and conferences and makes these excellent lectures available to you.

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                                                          Abbeville 2003 Summer School
”The American Decentralist Tradition"

"What Secession Is" Dr. Donald Livingston
"The Secession of an American State," Dr. Donald Livingston
"The Fourteenth Amendment and Centralization," Dr. Donald Livingston
"The Anti-Federalists and the Ratification Debates," Dr. Marco Bassani
"The Principles of '98' and the Hartford Convention," Dr. Marco Bassani
"The Nullification Crisis," Dr. Marco Bassani
"The Confederate Constitution," Dr. Marshall DeRosa
"The Confederate Rule of Law," Dr. Marshall DeRosa
"The Principles of '76' and the New World Order," Dr. Marshall DeRosa
"The Federalists and the Philadelphia Convention," Dr. Ross Lence  (Dr Lence passed away in 2006)
"Seminar on Calhoun" Dr. Ross Lence Part#1

12) "Seminar on Calhoun" Dr. Ross Lence  Part#2
"Were the Articles of Confederation a Failure?" Dr. Carey Roberts
“Why Were the Articles Dissolved?" Dr. Carey Roberts
"Celebrating Diversity," (performance on classical guitar and lecture on music and centralization) Dr. Thomas Sheeley
16) "Amongst them Philistines," (performance on classical guitar and lecture on music and centralization) Dr. Thomas Sheeley

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Abbeville 2004 Summer School
“The Southern Critique of Centralization and Nationalism: 1798-1861"

1) "Centralization and Modern Barbarism" Dr. Donald Livingston.
2) "The Glorious Revolution of 1688 & the Origin of Southern Constitutionalism" John Graham
3) "St. George Tucker's A View of the Constitution" Dr. Clyde Wilson
4) "Southern Resistance to the European Conception of Sovereignty" Dr. Marco Bassani
5) "Is there a Federal Common Law? Jefferson, John Taylor, and Spencer Roane" Dr. Bassani,
6) "Calhoun and Southern Constitutionalism" Dr. Clyde Wilson
7) "The Origins of the Jeffersonian Economic Program" Dr. John Devanny
8) "The Federalist Crucible and the Renascence of the Jeffersonian Program" Dr. John Devanny
9) "Forms of Nationalism in Early America" Dr. Carey Roberts
10) "The Religious Foundation of a Redeemer Nation" Dr. Carey Roberts,
11) "Abel Upshur's Critique of Joseph Story's Commentaries on the Constitution of the U. S." Dr. Livingston                                                                                                                            
12) "The Confederate Constitution of 1861, Part 1" Dr. Marshall DeRosa
13) "The Confederate Constitution of 1861, Part 2: A Juridical Reactionary Imperative," Dr. DeRosa
14) "The Confederate Constitution of 1861, Part 3" Dr. DeRosa

FREE Deborah Brinson  “The Music of Resistance; Southern and Irish Songs”

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                                                           Abbeville 2005 Summer School
            “Re-Thinking Lincoln: The Man, The Myth, The Symbol, The Legacy"
1) “The Morality of Lincoln’s War to Suppress  Secession” Prof. Donald Livingston
2) “Lincoln on Race and Slavery” Prof. Donald Livingston
3) “The Lincoln Fable” Dr. Clyde Wilson
4) “The Republican Party Americian’s Peculiar Institution” Dr. Clyde Wilson
5) “The Lincoln Myth and Civil Religion” Prof. William Wilson
6) “Lincoln Myth, and Southern Saga” Prof. William Wilson
7) "Northern Discussion of Multiple Confederacies During the 1861 Secession Winter" Dr. Trask
8) "The Reign of Terror: Republican Efforts to Suppress Northern Opposition to the War" Dr. Trask
9) “Lincoln and the Modern State: A European Perspective” Prof. Marco Bassani
10) “Lincoln and the Modern State: A European Perspective part 2” Prof. Marco Bassani
11) “Was the Lincoln Administration Guilty of War Crimes?” Joseph Stromberg
12) “Hegelian Justifications for the North’s Conquest of the South” Joseph Stromberg
13) “Lincoln and the Triumph of Mercantilism” Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo
14) “Lincoln’s Second American Revolution” Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo
15) “ The Political Uses Of the Lincoln Legend” Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo
16) “Lincoln and the Marxists” Roger Busbice
17) “Lincoln’s Reconstruction of Louisiana” Roger Busbice

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                                                   Abbeville 2006 Summer School
“The Southern Agrarian Tradition”
1) ”The Greek amd Roman Agrarian Tradition” Dr. Thomas Fleming
2) ”Thomas Jefferson’s State’s Rights Agrarianism, part 1”  Marco Bassani
3) ”Thomas Jefferson’s State’s Rights Agrarianism, part 2”  Marco Bassani
4) ”John Taylors Critique of Politicaland Economic Centralization, part 1” Joseph Stromberg
5) ”John Taylors Critique of Politicaland Economic Centralization, part 2” Joseph Stromberg
6) “Political Barbecues of the Old South” Sean Busick
7) ”Andrew Lytle, The last of the Nashville Agrarians, part 1” Prof. Bill Wilson
8) ”Agrarianism After Taylor” Dr. Clyde Wilson
9) ”Andrew Lytle, The last of the Nashville Agrarians, part 2” Prof. Bill Wilson
10) ”The work of the late M.E. Bradford” Dr. Cyde Wilson
11) ”A Performance of the Celtic Harp“ Miss Deborah Brinson
12) ”What Cements Society.” Peter Jones
13) “The Agrarianism Of Wendle Berry” Tobias Lanz

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