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Americas GREATEST War Criminal
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Song of the South DVD
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The Politically INCORRECT CLASSIC Movie that every Southern Child should see. Uncle Remus, Brer rabbit, and the unforgettable song “Zipede do da”


The Hunley Experience contains a 66 min. documentary which helps you understand the dedication of the crews of the H.L. Hunley. We examine the reasons why these brave men would risk their life to serve the Southern Cause. You'll see interviews with historians, descendents of the crew, and those who participated in this great event. You'll be a part of the ceremonies and events leading up to the burial of the Hunley Crew. You'll also
experience the music of a time gone by.

The Music Video “The Gold Coin”
A view of the Confederate Constitution
A brief look at our Confederate Flags
An Intro to the SCV & More highlights of the Hunley Funeral.

The Hunley Experience DVD  $18.00  2 hours


The Hunley Experience Music Soundtrack  $10.00
This 79 min. Stereo CD Soundtrack contains music from the “Hunley Experience” DVD, and the “Hunley Funeral Complete” 5 different versions of Dixie. Plus ORIGINAL Music.


The Hunley Complete  2 DVD set $28.00
This 3 hour presentation contains coverage of the ceremony beginning at White Point Gardens followed by the funeral procession, and concluding at Magnolia Cemetery for the ceremony and internment. Covered by 5 camera’s with music provided by Un-Reconstructed, The Rebelaires, Rhonda Smith, John Mason, Ren Rohling, The 11th North Carolina Regiment Band, and the 52nd Regiment String Band.



The Hunley Experience poster $10.00 


 The Hunley Experience poster Signed and numbered $24.00 

Southern Heritage Celebration 2000

January 8, 2000 

Columbia, South Carolina


A production of

The South Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans &

FV Productions ©

Complete coverage of the 2000 Flag Rally in Columbia SC

DVD 59 Mins.    $16.00

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