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The Abbeville Institute is an
association of scholars in higher
education devoted to a critical study of what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition.

Dixie-EDU attends and records their summer school’s and conferences and makes these excellent lectures

available to you.

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    Abbeville 2011 Summer School 

"The Greatness of Southern Literature; Part 2"

1)“Thomas Jefferson, Southern Man of Letters, Part I"   Prof. Clyde Wilson
2)  “Thomas Jefferson, Southern Man of Letters, Part 2”  
Prof. Clyde Wilson
3)  "Lost Causes Regained: The Wisdom of M.E. Bradford"  
Prof. Clyde Wilson
"John Taylor: Agrarian Prophet"   John Devanny
"Wendell Berry: Southern Essayist”   James Kibler
"James Henley Thornwell, R. L. Dabney and the Shaping of Southern Theology"  Samual Smith
"The Political Economy and Social Thought of Louisa S. McCord"

  "A Window into the Old South: South Carolina Diaries and Letters"   Karen Stokes
"Basil Gildersleeve and the Classical Mind of the Old South"   William Wilson
"Shelby Foote’s Civil War: History as Literary Art"    William Wilson
"Douglas Southall Freeman, The Southern Historian’s Historian"   Jonathan White
"Calhoun as Political Philosopher”   Dr. Donald Livingston
"The Fearful Descent,’ Richard Weaver’s Critique of Modernity”   Jay Langdale

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    Abbeville 2012 Summer School 

"The Greatness of Southern Literature; Part 3"

1)“Mary Boykin Chestnut as Novelist” James Kibler
2)  “George Garrett’s Place in American Literature”
Clyde Wilson
3)  "Tate, Donald Davidson and ‘The Last Charge’
David Middleton
"Why Faulkner’s Black Heroes Stay Home” William Wilson
"Grace King’s Portrait Miniatures: A Currency of the Heart” Jack Trotter
"Something of Value: The Writings of Robert Ruark” Clyde Wilson
"Donald Davidson and the Meaning of Agrarianism” Alan Harrelson

 8)  "An Introduction to America’s Greatest 20th Century Writer of Nature; Archibald Rutledge “  James Kibler
"The War Between the States Novels of William Faulkner, Caroline Gordon, and Shelby-Foote" William Wilson
"Elizabeth Maddox Roberts and the Classical Tradition" Jerry Salyer
"James Everett Kibler: Carolina Agrarian” Randall Ivey
INCLUDED FREE :"The Poetry of James Kibler and Poetry by David Middleton" David Middleton
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Abbeville 2013 Summer School 

"Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition

1)“The Origin of All Things Southern ” Carey Roberts
2)  “
The Southern Constitutional Tradition, Part I: Founders and Framer ” Lee Cheek
3)  "
The North and the Moral Challenge of Slaver” Donald Livingston
4)  "
Beware the Historians: Ruminations on Secession and War ” Kyle Sinisi
5)  "
The War for Southern Independence ” Kyle Sinisi
6)  "
The South and the Moral Challenge of Slavery ” Donald Livingston
7)  "
The Southern Constitutional Tradition, Part II: Keeping and Restraining the Republic”  Lee Cheek
8)  "
The Older Religiousness of the South “  Samuel Smith
9)  "
Word and Land: The Southern Agrarian Tradition " William Wilson
10)  "
A Yankee in Rebel Clothing: The Fundamentalist Movement in the South” Samuel Smith
11)  "
Foundations of Southern Literature, Part1” Jim Kibler
12)  “
Foundations of Southern Literature, Part 2” Jim Kibler
13)  “
Robert E. Lee: His Time and Ours” William Wilson
14)  “
The South and the Modern World”  Carey Roberts
15)  “
Conrad Chapman’s Paintings and the Defense of Charleston”   Roger Khlor  / Q&A Roundtable


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Abbeville 2014 Summer School 

"The War for Southern Independence

1) “The War for Southern Independence: Unsurpassed Valor and Devotion, Part 1”  Clyde Wilson
2) “
The War for Southern Independence: Unsurpassed Valor and Devotion, Part 2” Clyde Wilson
3) “
What They were Fighting For: The Jeffersonian Constitution, Part 1 ”  Donald Livingston
4) “
What They were Fighting For: The Jeffersonian Constitution, Part 2” Donald Livingston
5) “
Two Citizenship's: The South as a Christian Civilization”   Karen Stokes
6) “
Jewish Contribution to the Confederacy”   Michael Kogan
7) “
A Feudal Society Without a Feudal Religion, Catholics and the South” Anne Bowie
8) “
Native American Confederates”   Steven Vanderlip
9) “
Women and the Confederacy”   Kathleen Hines
10) “
Probity and Guile: Prelude to the Battle of Fort Sumter”   Prof. James Rembert
11) “
Southern Honor”   Bill Wilson
12) “
Admiral Raphael Semmes and the Confederate Navy”   Mark Baxter
13) “
Language: South and North”   James Kibler


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Abbeville 2015 Summer School
"The Southern Traditions"

#1)"The origin and Character of Southern Music"   Alan Harrelson

#2) "The Jeffersonian Understanding of the Constitution"     Dr. Donald Livingston

#3)  "A Jeffersonian Political Economy"     Dr. Clyde Wilson

#4)  "Our Altars and Firesides: Rekigion and the Southern Way Of Life"     Clark Carlton

#5)  "Why Study Southern Literature?"     Emily McBryan

#6)  "The Greatness of Southern Literature"     James Kibler

#7)  "The Moral Challenge of Slavery and Confederate Emancipation"     Dr. Donald Livingston

#8)  "Singing Billy Walker and Amazing Grace"     James Kibler

#9)  "Dueling and Southern Honor"     Thomas Fleming

#10)  "The Tradition of the Citizen Soldier"      James Rembert

#11)  "Southern Manners"     Dr. Bill Wilson

#12)  "Music of the Southern Diaspora"     Dr. Clyde Wilson / Alan Harrelson

#13)  "Southern Music: Blues and Jazz"   Bill Wilson


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