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The Abbeville Institute is an
association of scholars in higher
education devoted to a critical study of what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition.

Dixie-EDU attends and records their summer school’s and conferences and makes these excellent lectures available to you.

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                                                     Abbeville 2008 Summer School 
“Northern Anti-Slavery Rhetoric”

'Tiger's Meat': Abolitionism in Antebellum America, Part I," Prof. Clyde Wilson
2) "Slavery and the Philadelphia Convention," Prof. Carey Roberts
3) "'Negro Presidents and Negro Congresses':Abolitionism, & the First Congress," Prof. Roberts
4) "The Aims of Anti-Slavery in the Missouri Compromise," Prof. John Devanny
5) 'Tiger's Meat': Abolitionism in Antebellum America, Part II," Prof. Clyde Wilson
6) "Steady Habits vs. Chivalry: Sectional Antagonism Before Abolition," Prof. Clyde Wilson
7)   "Anti-Slavery and Northern Racism," Prof. Donald Livingston
8) "Anti-Slavery, Secession and New England Cultural Imperialism," Prof. Donald Livingston
9) "Post-60's Neo-Abolitionist Historiography," Prof. John Devanny
10) 'What we have to Expect,' Harper's Ferry: Abolitionism, Extradition, and Secession," Jonathan White
11) "William Gilmore Simm's Critique of Abolitionism," Prof. David Aiken
12) "The Abolitionist as Perfectionist, Part I," Prof. Samuel Smith
13) "The Abolitionist as Perfectionist, Part II," Prof. Samuel Smith

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                                                   Abbeville 2009 Summer School
                        "The Meaning and Legacy of Reconstruction"

1) “The Southern Political Tradition” Prof. Carey Roberts /“Reconstruction: An Overview “ Prof. Clyde Wilson
2) “Reconstruction as a Problem in Statesmanship” Prof. Clyde Wilson
3) “The Unwelcome Result: Determining the Number of Black Deaths due to

War and Reconstruction” Prof. Cary Roberts

4) “Reconstruction in the Experience of the Southern People” Prof. Clyde Wilson

5) “The Economic Cost of Reconstruction” Dr. John Devanny

6) The Human Cost of Reconstruction” Dr. John Devanny

7) What was the ‘Construction’ in Reconstruction?” Eric Richardson
8) “The Victor’s Definition of Race: How Radical Reconstruction Divided Southern Society Along the Color Line”
Eric Richardson
9) “Better Than Slavery? Contraband Camps and Abuses at the Hands of Liberators” Dr. Troy Kickler

10) Definitions of a Good American: The Northern Influence on the First Free Generation of African Americans”

             Dr. Troy Kickler

11) More Baptist Than Black: A History of Black Baptists in Reconstruction” Dr. Troy Kickler

12) William Gilmore Simms on Reconstruction” Prof. David Aiken

13) Reconstruction’s Legacy in U.S. Occupation Policy After WW I & II” Lt. Col. (Retired) Jonathan White

14) Constitutional Reconstruction: The Fourteenth Amendment and Its Legacy” Prof. Donald Livingston

15) Constitutional Reconstruction: Texas vs. White, and Its Legacy “ Dr. John Emison

16) The Lost Cause Movement and the War Against Leviathan” Prof. Jack Trotter


BONUS: Enjoy Picken and Grinnen on the banjo on some of these tracks by Alan Harrelson

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Abbeville 2010 Summer School

"The Greatness of Southern Literature"


1) “We are What We Remember: The Literature of the South” "The Old South and the Origins of a Real American Literature"  Prof. Clyde Wilson

2) "William Gilmore Simms' Place in American Literature, Part 1 and 2"  Sean Busick

3) "Interwar Charleston Writers and the Southern Tradition"  Alan Harrelson
4) "Personal Recollections of Flannery O'Connor"  Mary Barbara Tate
5) "Faulkner as Southerner, part 1”  James Kibler
6) "Faulkner as Southerner, part 2”  James Kibler

7) "Faulkner as Southerner, part 3”  James Kibler
8) "Walker Percy: Southern Gentlemen in the New South"  William Wilson

9) "Flannery O'Connor and the Southern Sacramental Imagination."  William Wilson

10) "The Southern Agrarians: Some Personal Recollections"  Tom Landess (Passed away in 2012)

11) "Southern Scholarship vs. Neo-Conservatism: M.E. Bradford and the National Endowment

               for the Humanities"  Tom Landess

12) "Joel Chandler Harris, Thomas Nelson Page and the New South Movement"  Jack Trotter

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Abbeville 2007 Summer School
“The Origin of Southern Identity and the Culture of the Old South”

1) "The Origin of New England Sectional Nationalism, "Dr. Donald Livingston
2) "New England Cultural Imperialism" Dr. Donald Livingston
3)  "W. G. Simms and the Celtic Base of Southern Culture" Dr. James Kibler
4)  "Poe's Battle With Puritan Boston" Dr. James Kibler
5) "Society Before Government" Dr. Clyde Wilson
6) "Charles Fraser: Remembering Charleston's Ante-bellum Greatness" Dr. David Aiken
7)   "Alice Huger Smith: The Moral and Spiritual Victory of the Defeated South" Dr. David Aiken
8)   "The South and the West"  Dr. Clyde Wilson
9)    "Basil Gildersleeve's 'A Southerner in the Peloponnesian War"  Dr. William Wilson
10) "Basil Gildersleeve's, 'The Creed of the Old South"  Dr. William Wilson

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